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"I'm very satisfying with the service. My battery arrived few days after I have placed my order and the instructions to install it were easy to follow."


"Price, availability, and service is consistently top-notch at RefurbUPS!"


"I have been a RefurbUPS customer for many years, both personally and for business, and have always been pleased with the price, quality, prompt shipping, and service. Great company!"


"I found my replacement batteries quickly. I decided to verify with their staff & was met with professional help that was courteous, yet to the point. The batteries are working great and they were less than half the price from anywhere else. Thanks!"


"This is the second time that I've used to order a battery. Just as the last time, they performed PERFECTLY!!
My order was shipped promptly, packed well contained the instructions needed to install. If they keep it up, I can't imagine looking anywhere else"


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UPS Replacement Battery Center

APC UPS Systems

RefurbUPS is your source for UPS Replacement Batteries. Whether you need a single UPS Battery for an APC UPS or you need to replace an entire floor of UPS Batteries, you have found the right supplier and the right price. Our knowledge of UPS systems and batteries is second to none!

We specialize in Brand New UPS Battery replacement kits for APC and other major manufacturers. All of our batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturers specifications and come brand new, and performance guaranteed. No matter what you need in terms of UPS Batteries, we are here to help.

Can't Find What You Need? If you need assistance or wish to speak with one of our power protection specialists, use our online contact form, live chat with us, or call us at (866) 883-9200!

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Shop for APC UPS Replacement Batteries

APC RBC Battery Kits

PowerSWAP for APC Platforms

APC Symmetra LX Batteries
APC Symmetra LX Platforms

APC Symmetra PX Battery Kits
APC Symmetra PX Platforms

APC Symmetra Battery Kits
APC Symmetra Platforms


APC Smart-UPS Battery Kits
APC Smart-UPS Tower

APC Smart-UPS Rack Mount Battery Kits
APC Smart-UPS Rack Mount

APC Smart-UPS 208v Battery Kits

APC Smart-UPS 208V Systems

APC Smart-UPS XL Battery Kits

APC Smart-UPS RT Battery Kits
APC Smart-UPS RT Series


APC Back-UPS Series Batteries
APC Back-UPS BK Series

APC Back-UPS RS Batteries

APC Back-UPS RS Series

APC Back-UPS ES Batteries

APC Back-UPS ES Series

APC Back-UPS XS Batteries

APC Back-UPS XS Series

APC Matrix Battery Kits
APC Matrix Series


Shop for Liebert UPS Replacement Batteries

Liebert UPS Battery Kits
Liebert BATKIT Replacement Batteries

PowerSWAP for Liebert Platforms

Liebert GXT Battery Kits
Liebert GXT Series

Liebert GXT2 Battery Kits
Liebert GXT2 Series


Liebert GXT3 Battery Kits
Liebert GXT3 Series

Liebert Nfinity Battery Kits
Liebert Nfinity Series

Liebert UPStation
Liebert UPStation

Liebert PowerSure
Liebert Powersure Batteries


Shop for Tripp-Lite UPS Replacement Batteries

Tripplite UPS Battery Kits
Tripp-Lite UPS RBC Batteries

TrippLite BC Series Battery Kits
Tripp-Lite BC Series

TrippLite Smart Series Battery Kits
Tripp-Lite Smart Series

TrippLite Omni Series Battery Kits
Tripp-Lite OMNI Series

TrippLite Internet/Internet Office Series Battery Kits


Shop for CyberPower UPS Replacement Batteries

CyberPower UPS Battery Kits
CyberPower UPS RB Replacement Batteries

CyberPower AVR Batteries
CyberPower AVR Batteries

CyberPower Intelligent LCD Batteries
CyberPower Intelligent LCD Batteries

CyberPower Smart App Batteries
CyberPower Smart App Batteries

CyberPower Extended Battery Packs
CyberPower Extended Battery Packs


Browse Other UPS Manufacturer Replacement Batteries

Powerware UPS Battery Kits
Powerware UPS Batteries

Belkin UPS Battery Kits
Belkin UPS Batteries

Compaq UPS Battery Kits
Compaq UPS Batteries

OneAc UPS Battery Kits
OneAc UPS Batteries


Dell UPS Battery Kits
Dell UPS Batteries

Alpha UPS Battery Kits
Alpha UPS Batteries

Conext UPS Battery Kits
Conext UPS Batteries

MGE UPS Battery Kits
MGE UPS Batteries


Minuteman UPS Battery Kits
Minuteman UPS Batteries

Sola UPS Battery Kits
Sola UPS Batteries

Telco UPS Battery Kits
Telco UPS Batteries

Upsonic UPS Battery Kits
Upsonic UPS Batteries

Is your manufacturer not listed here? No problem! We're adding parts daily. If you can't find the part you need, fill out the form below and a member of our Power Protection Staff will be in touch with you shortly.